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250.A synopsis of American history / Charles Sellers, Henry May, Neil R.
McMillen. Rand McNally College Pub. Co., c1977. K712.3/S467(4)
251.California : an interpretive history / James J. Rawls, Walton Bean.
McGraw-Hill, c1993. K712.9/R261(6)
252.American history / editor, Robert James Maddox. Dushkin Publishing Group,
c1997. K712.0/A512(14)
253.Leadership and indecision : American war planning and policy process :
Mark M. Lowenthal. Garland Pulbishing, Inc., c1988. K712.53/L917
254.The United States from 1865. Charles Scribner [1973] K712.5/B811
255.The Native population of the Americas in 1492 / edited by William M. Denevan.
University of Wisconsin Press, c1976. K712.3/D392
256.Africans become Afro-Americans : selected articles on slavery in the American colonies / edited with an introduction by Peter Charles Hoffer. Garland Pub., 1988.
257.The American nation / John A. Garraty. Harper & Row, c1983. K712.0/G238A(5)
258.光荣与梦想 1932-1972年美国实录 (美)威廉.曼彻斯特著 商务印书馆 1978-1979 K712.5/6024
259.美国史论文集 1981-1983 中国美国史研究会 三联书店 1983.12 K712/5686.1
260.The New England mind: the seventeenth century. Harvard University Press, 1954. K712.9/M649
261.The democratic heritage: a history of the United States [by] Arthur S. Link [and] Stanley Coben. Ginn [1971] K712.4/L756
262.Colonial Massachusetts : a history / Benjamin W. Labaree. KTO Press, c1979. K712.3/L113
263.We,the people : The drama of America Monthly Review Pr. / L. Huberman. K712/X5
264.The Oxford Companion to American History / Thomas H. Johnson. K712/X6
265.The American nation : a history of the United States / John A. Garraty. K712/X3
266.America : past and present / Robert A. Divine. Forasman and Company, K712.0/X1
267.American odyssey : the United States in the twentieth century / Gary B. Nash. Glencoe, c1994. K712.5/N249(T)
268.Too good to be forgotten : changing America in the '60s and '70s / David Obst. J. Wiley & Sons, c1998. K712.54/O14
269.The Enduring vision : a history of the American people / Paul S. Boyer ... [et al. ; graphs, Boston Graphics, Inc. ; maps, Sanderson Associates]. D.C. Heath, 1990. K712.0/E56
270.Student study guide to accompany Nation of nations McGraw-Hill, c1999. K712/N777(2)/G.
271.The crisis of the old order : the age of Roosevelt : Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Houghton Mifflin Company ; c1957. K712.52/S342
272.Recent America : 1933 to the present / edited by Davis R. B. Ross, Alden T. Vaughan, John B. Duff. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, c1971. K712.52/R823
273.Historical viewpoints : notable articles from American heritage / editor, John A. Garraty. Harper & Row, Publishers, c1987. 07K712.44/G015
274.Over there : The story of America's first great overseascrusade / Frank Freidel.
McGraw-Hill Publishing Company., c1990.
275. Wounded Knee; an Indian history of the American West [by] Dee Brown. Adapted for young readers by Amy Ehrlich from Dee Brown's Bury my heart at Wounded Knee. Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1974],c1978. K712.8/B877
276.Harry S. Truman : a bibliography of his times and presidency / compiled for the Harry S. Truman Library Institute by Richard Dean Burns. Scholarly Resources Inc., 1984. K712.54-7/B967
277.Essays on the closing of the American mind / edited by Robert L. Stone. Chicago Review Press, c1989. K712.54/E78
278.A History of our time : readings on postwar America / edited by William H. Chafe, Harvard Sitkoff. Oxford University Press, 1983. K712.54/C433
279.American intervention in Grenada : the implications of operation "Urgent Fury" / edited by Peter M. Dunn and BruceW. Watson. Westview Press, c1985. K712.54/A512
280.War of ideas : American intellectuals and the world crisis, 1938-1945 / John M. Muresianu. Garland Pub., 1988. K712.53/M975
281.Rosie the Riveter revisited : women, the war, and socialchange / Sherna Berger Gluck. Twayne Publishers, c1987. K712.53/G567
282.American epoch; a history of the United States since the1890's, by Arthur S. Link. With the collaboration of William B. Catton and the assistance of William M. Leary, Jr. Knopf [1967] K712.52/L756(3)
283.Eleven against war; studies in American internationalistthought, 1898-1921 [by] Sondra R. Herman. Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, 1969. K712.51/H551
284.From war to cold war : the education of Harry S. Truman / Robert James Maddox. Westview Press, 1988. K712.5/M179
285.Lifeline of the Confederacy : blockade running during the Civil War / by Stephen R. Wise. University of South Carolina Press, c1988. K712.43/W813
286.Free love : marriage and middle-class radicalism in America, 1825-1860 / John C. Spurlock. New York University Press, 1988. K712.42/S772
287.The American Revolution and the politics of liberty / Robert H. Webking. Louisiana State University Press, c1988. K712.41/W376
288.The American war of national liberation, 1763-1783 / by Robert Goldston. Dutton, c1976. K712.41/G624
289.Brotherly tomorrows : movements for a cooperative society in America, 1820-1920 / Edward K. Spann. Columbia University Press, c1989. K712.4/S735
290.Red light ladies : settlement patterns and material culture on the mining frontier / by Alexy Simmons. Dept. of Anthropology, Oregon State University, 1989. K712.4/S592
291.The age of energy; varieties of American experience, 1865-1915. Viking Press [1970] K712.4/J77
292.White land, black labor : caste and class in late nineteenth-century
Georgia / Charles L. Flynn, Jr. Louisiana State University Press, c1983. K712.4/F648
293.The centennial history of the Civil War. E. B. Long, director of research.
Doubleday, 1961-65. K712.4/C369
294.Black majority : Negroes in colonial South Carolina from1670 through the
Stono Rebellion / Peter H. Wood. Norton, 1975, c1974. K712.3/W878
295.The conquest of America : the question of the other / Tzvetan Todorov ; translated from the French by Richard Howard. Harper & Row, c1984,c1982. K712.3/T639
296.Images of American society : a history of the United States / G.D. Lillibridge.
Houghton Mifflin, c1976. K712.3/L729
297.Colonial Rhode Island : a history / Sydney V. James. Charles Scribner, [1975] K712.3/J29
298.Selvages & biases : the fabric of history in American culture / Michael Kammen.
Cornell University Press, 1987m,c1975. K712.2/K15
299.American culture and society since the 1930s / Christopher Brookeman. Schocken Books, 1984. K712.03/B872
300.The Encyclopedia of colonial and revolutionary America / general editor, John Mack Faragher. Facts on File, c1990. K712.0-61/E56E
301.The United States / Winthrop D. Jordan ... [et al.]. Prentice-Hall, c1982. K712.0/U58(5)
302.These United States : the questions of our past / IrwinUnger, with the assistance of Debi Unger. Little, Brown, c1982. K712.0/U57T(2)
303.Present in the past; source problems in American history. Edited by Armin Rappaport [and] Richard P. Traina. Contributors: George H. Davis [and others]
Macmillan [1972] K712.0/R221
304.The United States of America; a history [by] Dexter Perkins [and] Glyndon G. Van Deusen. Macmillan [c1968],c1962. K712.0/P448
306.A People & a nation : a history of the United States / Mary Beth Norton ... [et al.]. Houghton Mifflin Co., c1984. K712.0/P419
307.Introduction to American studies / edited by Malcolm Bradbury and Howard Temperley. Longman, 1989. K712.0/I61(2)
308.The Democratic experience; a short American history [by] Carl N. Degler [and others] With the editorial cooperationof James M. McPherson for part IV. Scott, Foresman [1973] K712.0/D318(3)
309.The restless centuries : a history of the American people / Peter N. Carroll, David W. Noble. Burgess Pub. Co., c1979. K712.0/C319(2)
310.The underside of American history; other readings. Edited by Thomas R. Frazier. Under the general editorship of John Morton Blum. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich [1971]
311.The Facts on File history of the American people / John Anthony Scott.
Facts on File, c1990. K712.0/S427
312.The National experience : a history of the United States/ John M. Blum ... [et al.]. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1981. K712.0/B658(5)




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